6 Best Seed Sprouter | Microgreens Sprouting Machine

Best Microgreens Seed Sprouter Machine

Growing food can be fun as long as you know the right ingredients to carry out the procedures. We all love to grow different kinds of seeds so that we can enjoy them after harvest. However, many times we fail either because of the wrong conditions or due to wrong procedures.

But these harvesting failures can end as you can now easily grow your microgreen seeds at home without even worrying about the quality. There are many high-tech microgreens seeds sprouter machines that can help you to accomplish the best quality seeds of all. So, you can sit back down and these seed sprouter machines do the work for you.

In this article, you’ll know about the top 6 Best Seed Sprouter machines that can aid you to germinate your seeds with the right water circulation, temperature control, and most importantly without the need for dirt and soil. So, keep reading till the end to know all about the amazing machines.

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Top 6 Best Seed Sprouter | Microgreens Sprouting Machine

There are many kinds of seed sprouter machines. However, our experts have shortlisted the top 8 best seeds sprouter machines to ease your searching. So, read till the end to grasp all the information regarding the best kind of sprouting machine for you.

1.  Tribest Automatic Bean Sprouter (Editor’s Choice)

This amazing device is perfect for everyday use. It also comes with a 360-degree automatic water sprinkler that ensures even and proper germination procedures. The water circulation is also automated, ensuring that the seeds and beans have all of the nutrients they need to ripe and flourish.

The machine also allows the beans to be moisturized and even boosts the pace of germination, resulting in juicier beans. Many temperature control settings are available on this intelligent sprouter machine, allowing you to easily adjust the temperatures.

This even has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the machine off once the germination process is over. The safety design of this machine is also iconic, as it can easily separate electricity and water, ensuring your safety.

The automatic water drainage system prevents overflowing. Moreover, you can also use this machine for other purposes, like demonstrating the practical germination process to your child.

Tribest Automatic Bean Sprouter



Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 11 inches

Weight: 7 Pounds

Type: Automatic



 2.  Muuunann Bean Sprout Intelligent Machine (Best Premium)

If you are looking for the best premium option to germinate the seeds then this is the best product you can purchase. This intelligent machine has all the premium features that you need to perfectly sprout the beans.

To germinate the seeds you don’t need any soil or dirt, as they have an automatic system to provide accurate nutrition to the seeds. Moreover, you won’t face any problems while operating this machine as it’s pretty convenient and easy to handle. All you need to do is press the start button and this sprouter machine will do everything on itself.

There’s also a 360-degree water sprinkler to ensure even germination throughout the process. This will save a lot of electricity. It’s also pretty durable and safe to use so you won’t need to worry about electrocution.

In short, you would just love using this machine as it has got all the features that you need to grow the perfect beans.

Muuunann Bean Sprout Intelligent Machine



Item Weight: 0.035 ounces

Dimensions: 11.42 x 13.98 inches

Material: PP

Type: Seed Sprouts Machine



3. GEFU Seed Sprouter Machine ( Exclusive Sprouter Machine Jar)

It can easily make at least a pound of seed sprouts and is great for starting seeds. Besides, this machine wouldn’t be interrupted by the outside temperature or environment, because it can automatically change the temperature and humidity to meet its needs during the germination process.

If you want to grow beans in this jar, you don’t need dirt to do it. This jar can grow the beans with just water. Even the smart sensor that controls the temperature can keep the whole room at the right temperature.

Many different kinds of seeds, like peas and wheat, can be sprouted with this machine as well.

Exclusive Sprouter Machine Jar



Item Dimensions: 5.12 x 5.12 x 7.4 inches

Material: ABS Plastic

Ventilation System: Integration



4. LTJX Healthy Electric Bean Sprouter (Best Budget)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly machine to sprout the beans then this is the machine you need.

This amazing machine has an automated 360-degree water sprinkler that ensures even germination throughout the process. The water circulation is also automated therefore the seeds and beans get all the essential nutrients that are required for them to grow.

Moreover, it also allows the beans to get fully moisturized and even increase their germination rate, ensuring the beans are juicier. The intelligent temperature has different temperature controlling modes that can easily adjust the temperatures according to the needs for better growth.

The automatic function allows the machine to automatically shut off when the germination process is done. Moreover, you also don’t need to press any keys to operate this machine.

The safety design of this machine is also pretty appreciable as it can easily separate the electricity and water so no chance of compromising your safety. This also prevents water spills and even the automatic water drainage system prevents any water overflow.

You can also use this machine for different purposes like helping your child to observe the practical germination process.

LTJX Healthy Electric Bean Sprouter



Voltage: 110V-220V

Dimensions: 8.6 x 11.4 x 11.4 inches

Type: Automatic



5. DKBE Healthy Multifunctional Bean Sprouter (Best for Newbie)

This incredible bean sprouter from DKBE is the first recommendation to newbie users. It has three different modes that you can select for all-year germination.

The sprouter machine includes a 360-degree automated water sprinkler that assures equal germination and the water circulation system is just amazing as they make things pretty simple for newbies. This also ensures that the seeds receive all of the nutrients they require to flourish.

Furthermore, it allows the beans to stay perfectly moisturized and even increases their germination rate. The intelligent temperature offers many temperature control modes that can automatically be set according to the growing needs of the beans

The automatic function also allows the machine to turn off after the germination process is complete. No keys are required to operate this magical machine.

This machine’s safety design is also pretty amazing, as it can simply separate the electricity and water, ensuring safety. It can also avoid water spills, and the automatic water drainage system keeps water from overflowing.

Healthy Multifunctional Bean Sprouter



Material: ABS plastic

Voltage: 220V

Lid Material: PP plastic



6. QQSS Large Capacity Bean Sprouter (Best Friendly)

This is an amazing user-friendly sprouter machine that you can choose to germinate large quantities of beans. It also has a 360-degree automatic water sprinkler that makes sure that all of the seeds start growing at the same time with equal lengths and nutrition. The water flow is also automated, ensuring that the seeds get the sufficient amount of water they need.

Moreover, it allows the beans to be properly hydrated and even speeds up their germination rate, which leads to healthier and juicy seeds. The intelligent temperature has many temperature control modes that make it easy to change the temperature to meet your needs for the best growth.

It also has an automatic feature that lets the machine shut off when the germination process is complete. Furthermore, this machine doesn’t need any keys to operate and the safety design is pretty remarkable because it can easily separate electricity and water, which will keep you safe from electrocution. It may also keep water from spilling, and the automatic water drainage system keeps water from overflowing.

This can indeed be one of the best options you can have if you want to germinate a large number of beans within a short time.

QQSS Large Capacity Bean Sprouter



Material: PP Plastic

Temperature Power: 20W

Type: Automatic



How Can You Grow Microgreen Seed in a Sprouting Machine?

The lighting, water, and humidity in your home should be the best that they can be. Make sure your home is the right place to grow microgreens. No matter what kind of sprouting machine you use, you must provide the microgreens with sufficient water, light, and keep the humidity in check.

Here are some of the step-by-step guides that you need to follow to successfully grow your beans:

1.     The things to use

A lot of things can be used to grow microgreens. You can sprout in water, however, when you start growing microgreens, you might also use soil or even use the new sprouting machines that don’t need soil or dirt.

2.     Select the seeds that you want

Mustard, broccoli, and radish are pretty easy to grow. A mesh tray with no medium is better for seeds that can’t fall through the net, like peas or sunflower seeds.

If you need to buy seeds, check out our guide on Where to Buy Microgreen Seeds to learn more.

3.     Let them grow

It takes longer for microgreens to grow than it does for sprouts. You will see the magic happen as you go through each stage of the germination process.

4.     Harvest

You can eat sprouts after 3-4 days, but you can only eat microgreens after 10 to 14 days. So, you need to wait for some time until it’s fully ready to be eaten.

Growing Microgreens Inside a Sprouting Tray

There are some variations between sprouting seeds and growing microgreens on the sprouting plate or tray. Place the seeds directly on the mesh tray to sprout. You can water the beans, drain all of them, and then repeat until they sprout.

Sow taller seeds and use a growth medium that allows their roots to easily grow downwards. However, large sprouting trays might be ideal to grow microgreens at your home especially if you don’t have a sprouter machine.  Moreover, these trays are also pretty good for harvesting as they are only a couple of inches deep.

Things You Require:

A Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Soak the seeds

Pre-soaking larger seeds like peas or sunflowers are beneficial. This will aid with germination. Soak the seeds in water for 6-12 hours. Afterward, drain these seeds before you sow. Miniature seeds (like broccoli or kale) don’t need to be soaked. It varies by type, so always read the seed bag’s directions and manuals.

2. Prepare seeds and medium 

Get the seeds out of the sprouting tray to add some growth medium. Our experts recommend using potting soil or coconut coir because it helps the seeds stay in place and the roots have a firm growth and grip. Use a hemp mat or any kind of growing medium if you want.

Afterward, distribute seeds evenly on the tray. Ensure that you don’t overcrowd them as this can result in molding or wilting. After planting your seeds, spray them with water. The medium should be damp but not wet. Even prevent washing away the seeds.

3. Cover them

After preparing the tray and planting the seeds, the blackout begins. It will help germination as it simulates sowing seeds in the earth. Cloth or tin soil can be used to cover the tray instead of the bottom tray.

However, if you wish to use your bottom tray as a medium to cover the seeds, make sure it won’t scratch the surface. A small amount of soil may slip through the net especially when watering the seeds. Keep your tray dark for a few days. The length of the blackout depends on the type of seeds you produce.

4. Weight Matters

Some beans benefit from a heavier top. In this case, you can put some weight on the top of the tray during the blackout. You can use any heavy object or even a stone. Soil-pressing aids in keeping seeds wet. It also strengthens them as they start pushing upwards.

5. Proper Watering

During the blackout, spray the seeds every day. Spray softly during germination and make sure not to wash out the seeds.

6. Sunshine

As soon as the beans germinate and have begun to grow, they are ready for the light. Remove the cover and set the tray in the sun or any intense light. Give them approximately 8 hours of daily light. During the growing period, stop watering them from above. Instead, water the bottom tray. Moreover, don’t forget to check whether the roots absorb water or not.

7. Harvesting Time

Microgreens are ready to harvest when they reach 2 inches from the surface. Now, all you have to do is snip them off with a sharp knife or a clean scissor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     What kind of seeds you can grow in a sprouting machine?

There are many kinds of seeds you can grow in a sprouting machine. For instance, you can grow mung beans, alfalfa, radish, and many more. You can also grow various other kinds of seeds like cabbage, chives, adzuki, lentil, peas, mustards, and even black sunflower. So, as long as you take the right sprouting machine, you won’t face any issues with germinating any kinds of seeds.

2.     What can you grow inside a sprouting jar?

A few of the best options you can have is growing peas and beans. You can also grow small grains like amaranth, buckwheat, and vegetable sprouts like nuts, beets, radishes, and many more. Although, you need to ensure that you have the desired sprouter machine you aid your seeds to properly germinate.

3.     What’s the difference between microgreens and sprouts?

Microgreens grow in the soil, but sprouts can germinate inside a jar. However, you can also germinate microgreens inside an automatic seed sprouter machine with the optimum and required features. Moreover, it takes around a week to even three weeks to properly grow, whereas sprouts get fully germinated within a week. Finally, microgreens are jam-packed with flavors, where sprouts are best for crunch.

4.     Is it possible to sprout sunflowers in a jar?

Yes, you can germinate sunflower seeds in a jar. However, to do this you need to carry out a few procedures. First, take half a cup of germinating sunflower seeds in a jar (quart). After that fill the jar with water, then cover it with a sprouting lid or screen. When you are done, invert the bowl at such an angle that seeds will start to drain water and allow air to circulate all over the place. Finally, after around 12 hours of continuous draining, rinse the seeds and allow them to dry.

Bottom Line

Microgreens seed sprouter machines are essential for you if you want to grow the best quality seeds. These germinating procedures can be pretty challenging if you can’t maintain the right conditions for your seeds. So, these advanced machines have all the necessary features and functions to aid you to grow quality seeds in no time.

All the sprouter machines mentioned in this article are best in their ways. However, we’ll still recommend you to choose AEGIS Bean Sprouts Intelligent Machine and QQSS Large Capacity Bean Sprouter as these are pretty user-friendly and you can also produce beans in large numbers.

Yet, you may choose any of the mentioned sprouter machines as all of them to make sure to give you the best quality seeds whatsoever!

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