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Farmingreader is our beloved corner of the internet where we, a group of farming enthusiasts had teamed up. Our sole intention is to research out what’s good for your garden, farming land and agriculture and spread it to our precious readers.

We know that it’s hard to stay realistic and impactful with the values and authenticity of the information in the middle of thousands of other gardening & agricultural websites. But that’s the challenge that keeps up restless to stand out in terms of quality instead of playing typical number games.

Who We Are Behind This Blog?

While searching for an answer to this question, the early days of Farming Website flash in our mind. It was just a Hobbyist personal blog . It’s the place to share gardening & agricultural tips and advice among the gardeners, farmers and organic farm enthusiasts.

But with the increasing demand for real-time, authentic agricultural tips and product recommendations, we decided to broaden up the blog’s horizon. We recruited a couple of analysts and researchers, a product researcher, four content creators, one designer, and one SEO guy to the team.

Luckily, we were fortunate enough to share a common area of interest. And it’s farming – as you can already assume.

We were really lucky to have such a dynamic team base, and we’re thankful to them.

Why Trust Our Reviews and Tips

As you know already, we at farmingreader share a common passion for gardening, farming land and agriculture. Therefore, we ensure the best possible authenticity of every single tip we provide to our audience.

And talking about the product reviews, here is how we make them trustworthy-

  1. We do extensive market research(both online and offline) to bring on the best set of products of any kind.
  2. We have a team to analyze and compare each of the hand-picked products to be reviewed.
  3. We analyze user’s reviews, brand value, product popularity trend, price-quality ratio, and other 10+ factors into consideration.
  4. To convert our hard-earned information on any product into scannable content, we have a team of writing enthusiasts.
  5. After several checks, proofreads, and cross-matching the information, we forward it to the publishing section. And finally, you get to be in touch with them.

Therefore, you can put your trust in us, and check out the worth of our information in practice. Apart from regular communication, you can also send a mail at contact@farmingreader.com .