8 Best Grow Bags For Potatoes And Tomatoes [ 2024 Top Picks]

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The age of carrying heavy clay and ceramic pots out of storage each spring has neared its end. Growing vegetables has become as simple as storing them with the great invention of grow bags. According to Hogan who’s an extension educator for The Ohio State University, these grow bags simply resemble a container. However, they’re cheaper, lighter, simpler to store, and more breathable to encourage stronger roots and healthy growing plants. Gardening tools as such have made the journey for garden lovers religiously smooth.

Thus, in this article, I’ll guide you through 8 best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes [ 2024 Top Picks] . Since this tool offers such a length of convenience and waste-saving, it’s only fair that we go through the list of great tools.

What are growing bags?

A grow bag refers to a planter that has been filled with a growth medium and is generally used to grow vegetables. Modern bags were originally made of plastic. However, they’re now made of jute or cotton which assures eco-friendliness. A soilless organic substance such as peat, coir, composted green waste, composted bark, fermented wood chips, or a combination of these, has been commonly used as the growth medium. Various nutrients get supplied, usually enough for one vegetative stage. So, the end-user remains only responsible for planting and irrigation. The material usually felt, wool, jute, repurposed cloth, or plastic can be used to construct the bags. Hogan who’s an educator, however, recommends eliminating plastic choices since they’re not as breathable.

On the other hand, grow bags come in a range of hues and tones as well. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1-gallon sacks for herbs to 200-gallon sacks for a full raised bed gardening. Depending on the ingredients, a 5-gallon bag might cost anywhere from $8 to $18. Multi-packs are the most cost-effective.

Now, let’s look into 8 best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes in my list.

Editor’s Choice 2024 : 4 Pack 15 Gallon Plant Grow Bags with 2 Sturdy Handles & 2 Windows

4 Pack 15 Gallon Plant Grow Bags with 2 Sturdy Handles & 2 Windows Check Price at Amazon

  • Velcro Pattern with 2 Flaps– This grow bag has two transparent windows that make it easy to cultivate and harvest veggies. The 2 accessible flaps also allow you to rapidly and correctly check whether veggies seem to be ready and harvest these without damaging the plant or digging in clay soil. You can pop extend the Velcro screen whenever you like.
  • Resistant Breathable Cloth Bags The eco-sustainable vegetable growth bags are composed of 500G nonwoven cotton, are compact, and impermeable. The non-woven cloth growing bag contains a superior draining function. This reduces root rot caused by overwatering and enables roots to air inhalation and develop healthily. Thus, this results in increased plant growth and production!
  • Durable with extensive Capacity– These vegetables grow bags (15-inch width, 20-inch length) are considerably larger. This will encourage root trimming rather than root circling. It results in a richer root structure for your crops. It has two reinforced grips that make it easy to maneuver about anywhere without risking damage.
  • Retractable Planter Bags with Aeration these grow bags can adjust with the temperature per the weather. It’s often utilized in the growth of young plants and seeds to boost speed and survival. Because a well-moisturized and airy atmosphere aids in the fast development of nurseries and seedlings, it also aids in their survival. what’s great is that these bags are easily reusable and easy to store.


This grow bag is a great deal I must say. not only does this exceed in various traits in compared to the others, but also this offers such extensions of services. there are a few variables that I love most. one would be a double Velcro flap pattern. in most grow bags, only have 1 flap. thus, it’s a win in this case. the resistance, breathability, durability, capacity, and so on, several extravagant options work just fine. these features are significant and handy.

not to mention, the reusable feature makes it quite eco-friendly and apportionable as storing them wouldn’t be a problem. the temperature adjustment function comes with great efficiency. this helps with boosting speedy growth and survival rate for your precious seedlings. this grows bag remains a complete package of good productivity, in a nutshell, I must say. So, it gets a place in my personal top best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes list.

Best Premium : VIVOSUN 5-Pack 20 Gallons Grow Bags

VIVOSUN 5-Pack 20 Gallons Grow Bags

Check Price at Amazon

  • Quality Build-upIt seems to be comprised of 300g thicker nonwoven fabric with strengthened robust grip straps for simpler and more stable carrying. You could simply fill this plant pot by yourself because it has a stable bottom.
  • Improvised Breathability The permeable fabric within the grow bag keeps your root growth oxygenated and air-pruned, preventing them from circling and resulting in a more effective root structure and healthier bottom development generally.
  • Excellent Draining System– Every excess moisture gets automatically drained in the process. The extra moisture will run through the weave if you over-water the plants or have soggy soil. It’ll become damp yet never wet in the soil.
  • Durability, Versatility, and Stong GripsThese straps are double sewn. This enables you to transfer your soil and plant-filled bags throughout places. furthermore, this grows bag performs great in both outdoor and indoor settings. Should your plants outgrow the bag, just insert the whole grow bag in a different container and the plant roots automatically emerge through the base.


These containers function just fine in terms of color, form, and size, as well as their primary purpose. I love that this bag is quite easy to use and flexible. You may cultivate veggies on your terrace with a 20-gallon capacity. Each one carries two or more bags of potting soil, each containing 32 dry quarts. pretty decent for the proportions. you could use additional soils but I would recommend staying put at 2 bags as the soils may swell with irrigation. the instructions are rather accurate regarding the size requirements.

on the other hand, the durability of the bags stands as problematic. as the company claims, the handles should be well attached and can carry heavy loads. However, they don’t seem to work as efficiently as the claims suggest. the handles don’t provide durable support and tend to tear after a few weeks of use. similar instances have been observed amongst other reviewers as well. The durability remains rather weak. other than that, all claims are legit for this grow bag.

Best for Professional : Gardzen 10-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

Gardzen 10-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

Check Price at Amazon

  • Sturdy and Reusable Material Composed of an elevated, long-lasting non-woven fabric that is airy and pleasant to the touch. The substance is devoid of BPA and AZO. You could well be washed and reused without thinking of harming the environment.
  • Promotes Healthy Plants– These grow bags contain great ventilation and water vapor permeability, allowing roots to breathe and successfully preventing root spinning, resulting in a vigorous root mass.
  • Decent Irrigation The weaving pattern allows for optimum drainage and allows the bases to breathe. As a result, the plant benefits from quicker development and increased plant vitality. Side note, In the scorching summer heat, the plants require daily watering. Furthermore, it’s easy to carry with the sturdy side handles.


The bag offers quite decent features and good flexibility in terms of material, irrigation, and durability. however, this bag kind of lacks the privilege of temperature adjustment which seems a bit bland to me. Even though the drainage or irrigation system is pretty decent, you still need to water the plants in hot weather. well, I guess, watering and taking care of the plants is a part of gardening. But, I can’t be as laid back as I can with my other options. in case I’m in a situation where I can’t water the plants daily, this may harm them. I’ll have to see about that.

on the other hand, this bag is rather durable and sturdy. the handles remain strong regardless of the weight and usage and the fabric is extremely durable. what I love most is that the instructions offer liability and honesty. all bits and pieces sound clear and remain legit. this 10 Gallon – 16″ Circle x 12″ Heights 10.4 gallon (about) provides the best services in growing various vegetables and reusability. it’s a great value at this price point and I love this grow bag. one of the best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes in my opinion.

Best for Everyday Use : ACSTEP 10 Gallon Window Vegetable Grow Bags, with Handles Pack of 5

ACSTEP 10 Gallon Window Vegetable Grow Bags, with Handles Pack of 5 Check Price at Amazon

Massive Storage Capacity and DurabilityThe grow bag comes in 5 packs, 10 gallons. Composed of 300G thicker nonwoven fabric that remains breathable, environmentally safe, and free of toxins. A slanted window opens to facilitate picking up fruits simpler.

  • Excellent Irrigation Such material containers are perfect for growing plants, whether they be tiny or big, inside or outside. Since they don’t limit or hold any water other than being moist upon watering. Allowing your roots to breathe promotes quicker development and increased plant vitality.
  • Optimal Temperature The plants preserve warmth throughout the winter and are chilled throughout summertime through these material fibers. this saves up energy in maintaining temperature.


This grow bag is solid and durable. this hardly gets mulled in days of rain and offers a great deal of flexibility. Whether cultivating various vegetables, these bags remain tall and robust while malleable sufficiently to be folded down. The access flap shuts off the water yet is simple to use if necessary. The bag keeps its form even when just partly loaded, which is a positive point.

In some cases, only indeterminate, determinant, and sweet potatoes grow up, so keep that in mind. The 12″ height is ideal for growing bell peppers in other cases. Furthermore, the breathability of these bags appeals to me. However, upon other few incidents, there have been instances of dissatisfaction in sizes. some customers have complained about getting recused-sized bags than promised. that’s when their warranty services come in.

The ACSTEP Fabric Grow Bags are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with a full refund procedure. I particularly like the side windows best. looks quite fancy and handy for the price point.

Best Budget : 4 Pack 7 Gallon Potato Grow Bags with Flap

4 Pack 7 Gallon Potato Grow Bags with Flap

Check Price at Amazon

  • Grow Bags for 7 Gallon– sufficiently large grow bags give you enormous options for vegetable production. The area consists of enough vegetables and flowers to flourish in a steady climate. The sturdy grips make it simple to carry along as needed.
  • Recyclable & Durable Qualities– These plants grow bags have been composed of non-woven fabric that is permeable, compact, and extremely durable. this allows the roots of plants to breathe effortlessly. Textile containers can avoid moisture stress and gradually percolate surplus water, ensuring that root plants have a healthy habitat. The sturdy and biodegradable fabric may extend the lifespan of such bags while causing no emissions and making them recyclable for years.
  • Additional Harvesting Windows These grow bags include a huge Velcro window that can easily be unlocked and sealed, allowing you to monitor your plant’s development as well as to pick plants without much digging in the dirt.
  • Versatility and Effortlessness The grow bags are appropriate for both interior and exterior plantings and can be used in a variety of horticultural situations. On the contrary, these bags can be utilized throughout multiple seasons without taking up much room. To harvest potatoes, avoid injuring the plants, you can effortlessly move and turn the cover. Every bag may hold roughly 4–6 seed potato plants and they’re usable all year-round.


What I love the most about this product is that it comes with clear instructions. and not to mention, they work just fine. this grows bag works great to produce happy potatoes and other small vegetables. the fabric seems rather sturdy and durable. As a matter of course, the reusable and storage feature had me appreciated. I always love a good environment-friendly grow bag which saves money, space and grows some good potatoes.

it’s only fitting that I give another delicious veggie some try. So far, it’s completely worthy to give a try.

Best for Newbie : Potato Grow Bags with Flap 10 Gallon, 4 Pack Planter Pot with Handles and Harvest Window

Potato Grow Bags with Flap 10 Gallon, 4 Pack Planter Pot with Handles and Harvest Window

Check Price at Amazon

  • Materials of Excellence This bag is designed of a porous dual-layered non-woven material that gives it a substantial feel. Good air circulation keeps your plants from getting too moist and gives them more oxygen. The material can be both durable and recyclable. This function helps to increase the life of the bags as well as to prevent pollution.
  • Structural Convenience and Durability It includes a huge harvest window from that you can conveniently inspect your plant and pick vegetables. These grow bags were composed of durable substances to allow you to transfer the soil-filled bags anywhere. not to mention, the handles are quite strong and sturdy.
  • Massive Storage Capacity The enormous volume of 10 gallons allows for the growth of vegetables and flowers while also providing a steady development condition.
  • Recyclable and Easy StorageThese bags are easy to store and foldable. Move and flip the cover with ease to harvest potatoes with minimal effort. Filling each bag with 4-6 seeds will do. You may empty the bags after the growth season, clean them, keep them dry and reuse them.


The bag has sturdy, durable, and high-quality material. the additional windows offer efficiency for inspection. you can easily monitor the growth of your blissful potatoes without any hindrances. my most favorite part is by default the reusability function. however, I do love the high space capacity and breathability of the bag as well. they produced my potatoes rather effectively alongside some other small veggies.

on the other hand, the windows may be convenient to inspect the plants, however, they might not be that effective in holding up dirt in place. in some cases, buyers have mentioned similar issues of dirt spilling out while opening the window. besides, despite the sturdiness of the material, there have been instances of getting wrinkles on the bag. even though they’re not those major issues, it might be specifically problematic for some. however, I’m well consent with my choice in this grow bag’s regards. Thus, I like that this heavy-duty grow bag can withstand additional soil and roots and keeps the moisture as the vegetables grow.

Best Option : Tall Grow Bags, 10 Gallon 6 Pack Grow Pots with Handles

Tall Grow Bags, 10 Gallon 6 Pack Grow Pots with Handles

Check Price at Amazon

  • Quality Buy GreenTiger Grow Bags use 320G thicker nonwoven fabric, innovative stitching processes, a firm bottom, and strengthened handles on both ends.
  • Efficient in breathability Due to the fabric’s unique properties, it allows air to enter the root system, increasing accuracy in the absorption of nutrition. Plants thrive in environments with decent air penetration.
  • Exceeding in DrainageThis doesn’t hold on to excess water, enabling roots to breathe and keeping the soil moist but not soggy. Plant growth gets accelerated by the hygienic and rejuvenating interior system.
  • Flexible and PortableGrow bags are portable and compact, with two durable handles that allow you to conveniently transport your favorite potted plants and veggies anywhere.


The best thing I find about these grow bags is that they are compatibly lightweight, portable, and hassle-free. Furthermore, with GreenTiger grow bags, offer after-purchase services which have liability. I like the 11×11 dimension of the product. They’re tall, whereas most are squat; these are ideal, well-made, and have excellent grips.

another remarkable quality of these grow bags is the price point. not only it’s reasonable but also enriched incompatibility. These grow bags offer durability, locks soil in place, and maintain their form thus don’t swell. there’s nothing better to expect from this price point in my opinion. Therefore, this product seems worth giving a try.

Best Public Choice : Cavisoo 5-Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags

Cavisoo 5-Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags

Check Price at Amazon

Premium Material and Excellent drainage These bags get composed of 300g of non-woven material, which makes them extremely durable. Furthermore, these can be recycled and used for more than three years. on the other hand, Elevated permeability fabric can produce a quick-draining system and provide adequate moisture, nutrition, and ambient temperature for vegetation.

  • Grip with Additional Reinforcement Durable polypropylene webbing was used for the handles. Robust handles, which have X-shaped weaving, can sustain a full bag of dirt and can carry a considerable burden.
  • Root Circulation Prevention and Visual Inspection This grow bag is enriched in ventilation and air penetration thus resulting in the prevention of root circulation. Moreover, the screen on the sides of the bags allows you to inspect the growth and status of the plant.


They’re robust and permeable, and they’re comfortable to use. I prefer growing veggies like potatoes and carrots in these bags because the dirt remains finer, which is ideal for developing root vegetables that aren’t constricted. They’re possible to maneuver because of the handles. The sewing is excellent just as the claims suggest. it’s sturdy and durable, nothing to complain from my part. I’s put it on my list of best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes. some people are said to have also used the mounting method to grow potatoes and other vegetables. they seemed to have formidable results. thus, this bag is a win for me.

How to Use Grow Bags

To use a grow bag for gardening, you need to prep the grow bag thoroughly. For preparations, load the bags with a good potting medium and compost, preferably substantial soil from your yard. To assist maintain moisture, add vegetables and two inches of compost on top. Place in a sunny location after fully watering. Put a saucer or pan below bags to capture soil that drains with the water if you’re concerned about a mess.

For novices, botanicals exist as an excellent option. For the herbs and small vegetables such as leaf lettuce, green onions, and radishes, you can use smaller bags. On the contrary, you’ll require a five-gallon bag for each tomato plant. Likewise, bigger bags can be used to cultivate potato harvests. Strawberry plants, blueberry bushes, and miniature fruit trees are among the plants that may also be cultivated in bags. as for further instructions on a few best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes, keep on reading.

Best Soil Mix for Grow Bags

1/3 mosses, 1/3 composting blend, and 1/3 vermiculite is a nice combination for grow bags. This mix maintains moisture, which is essential for grow bag cultivation.

You may use wood pellets to mulch your grow bags, just like you would in the garden. Mulching will help keep the soil wet on top, and plants generally develop better as a result.

This soil combination may be reused year after year with no difficulties. Easily remove the wood chips, drain the bags, add 10-20 percent fresh compost, and thoroughly mix everything.

How to Make Grow Bags ( Best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes )

Sew your homemade fabric growth bags in any dimension (small, moderate, big, and extra-large) for your preferable space. They’re a great alternative to large plastic pots because they’re light, cheap, and easy to store.

Landscape cloth can be sewed together to construct a container to create grow bags. Handles are optional. The instructions were given by Melissa J. Will’s personal blogs. They tend to be easy and flexible for even newbies and promote various shapes.

Measurement and Landscape Fabric

  • Three-foot-by-fifty-foot roll
  • Make sure to compose the products of polypropylene.
  • With every grow bag, you can use a double layer of 7-year landscape fabric. The weight on the label could be between 2 and 3 oz. If you make it any thicker, it may be difficult for your sewing machine to handle.
  • This cloth might potentially be sold as a weed barrier.

Outdoor thread- layers or Guterman large durable UV resistant polyester coats (black).

Webbing- 1-inch-wide grips (additional).

You can opt for webbing by the yard at a costume shop rather than pre-cut pieces for the best value/price. You’ll need one yard of webbing for two handles on a midsize bag.


  • Machine for stitching
  • Ruler
  • Fasteners or plain pins
  • Scissors
  • Needles for a denim stitch
  • White crayons, sewing pencil, or paint pen

Allowances for seams

14-inch or 12-inch can be used. However, make sure to be consistent in selection.

Now, let’s get into the main instruction of the procedure.

Fabric Parts to be Cut

  • Trim four identical lengths of landscape cloth.
  • I’m not concerned about the fabric’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ side because they appear to be identical.

Sizes to Consider

These measurements prevail estimates since they remain dependent on your seam allowances and how you complete the bag (bottom corner seams and top lip).

Miniature- Make four pieces of landscape fabric about 9-inch x 9-inch. The finished proportions seem about 6-inches in diameter and 8-inches in height.

Small- Make four pieces of landscape fabric about 12-inch by 12-inch. Finished measurements remain roughly 8-inches in diameter and 10-inches in height.

MediumYou can cut 18-inch by 18-inch squares. Overall proportions refer to 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.

Large- You can trim a 27-inch x 36-inch rectangle. Final proportions include roughly 17x8x18-inches tall.

Extra Large- You should cut four pieces/ 36-inch by 36-inch squares. The total size is roughly 20x14x20-inches tall.

Side A: Pin and Sew

  • Side A is the place to begin. Sew the seam between all four layers of cloth. You may use 14-inch or 12-inch seams, as long as they are uniform.

Side B: Pin and Sew

  • SIDE B: Stretch the fabric smooth with your hands, then pin and stitch the seam. All four pieces of cloth now appear to be sewn together on both sides with a seam.
  • While you stitch, keep an eye on your spindle area: this sort of fabric likes to make a lot of fuzz that catches therein.

Seams A and B should be turned and aligned

  • Now we’ll rotate everything a quarter turn so that Stitched A stays in the center and Seam B- right beneath it.
  • Clip seams in position after aligning them. It’s acceptable to finger pressing the seam allowances wide or to one side; whichever way, they’ll look great.
  • Pin all four layers together and sew a seam allowance across the bottom of the bag with seams A and B lined up.
  • Pins should be removed now.

Seam A and Seam B should be moved to the sides

  • Seam A will now be moved back to the left side, while Seam B will be moved to the correct side. you can do it by squeezing seam A on top and seam B beneath, then turning everything counterclockwise in a rotating motion.
  • To put it another way, shift seam A to the left and seam B to the right (how you had it layered previously). The placement is depicted in the diagram below.

Make two new bottom seams and sew them together

  • After reattaching seam A and seam B toward either end. If you desire a circular bag, start and stop your stitching lines for two bottoms in the center spots.
  • Mark the midpoint (halfway) locations on each of those edges.
  • Draw your sewing lines on the cloth (inside the bottoms), then remove the first pin as you stitch across them.

Turn the Grow Bag inside out

Flip your bag inside and out, seams on the inner part.

You’ve undoubtedly seen that the sewing in Step 6 formed two cloth triangles at the bottom. Don’t sever their grips. They will aid in the reinforcement of the bag’s foundation and the retention of moisture.

Complete the Grow Bag’s Tip

Pin and sew the two pieces of cloth together around the top of the bag to complete it.

Curl the top down (as if it were a sock cuff) and stitch in position as desired. It’s entirely up to you how much cloth you fold over: you may not care whether there’s a border, or you may prefer the appearance of an inch or two curled over.

To get the list of best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes, patterns, sizes, keep reading the article.

Do Grow Bags Need Drainage Holes

Because growing bags are permeable and liquid drains out gradually, these don’t require drainage holes. The disadvantage is that they do cannot stay hydrated as well as plastic pots do.

While testing out several sewing patterns, Malisa has said to test single and double-ply grow bags and found that a double-thickness remains superior for extra strength and retaining humidity longer, therefore she has provided the template with two layers.

If you’re using the bags on a terrace or balcony where you don’t want liquid spilling, she suggests placing them on saucers. Alternatively, before planting, put additional material to the bottom of the bag. This wouldn’t be a problem until you significantly over-water the bag.

If you reside in a particularly hot region and want to place your grow bags in direct sunlight, consider making them three or four layers thick to restrict water evaporation even further.

How to Sterilize Grow Bags

You can clean and sterilize your grow bag by following these easy steps.

  • Remove the grow material from the bag and empty it.
  • Allow 24 hours for drying. If any solidified growth material gets stuck to the bag’s edges, rattle it or use a stick to release it, then sweep away just as much dirt as possible using a brush.
  • Wash away any leftover dirt in the bag with a high-pressure nozzle. Pay careful attention to any spots you notice. Instead of using your washer, clean your grow bags in a polyethylene storage container.
  • Inside a plastic storage container, combine 1 TSP baking powder and 1 TSP liquid soap. To disintegrate the baking soda and create suds, refill the tub partially with water. (If you use excessive dishwashing detergent, rinsing your bags will be rather difficult.)
  • Put the bag in the container and fill them with water until they are completely immersed. Soak it for twenty minutes.
  • Inside the tub, wash the bags. Cleanse any spots you find with a soft bristles brush.
  • Let air dry for at least two days after rinsing well. Before wrapping them up to storing them, ensure they’re completely dry since moist bags might create mold or fungus. Drying your grow bag can be a bad good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best size grow bag for tomatoes?

The ideal grow bags for tomatoes should have a width of at least 15 inches (38 cm) and a depth of at a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) for good tomato development. It implies per a tomato plant should have a 10 gallon grow bag or bigger.

Final Thought

Grow bags for vegetables remain not only handy but also a great extensive experimental tool for garden lovers. people who want to grow their own veggies but can’t because of lack of space, this product is no doubt a great option to consider. However, it’s important to choose the right one to get magnificent results. thus, in this article, I have listed down a few best grow bags for potatoes and tomatoes while considering numerous important aspects and variables regarding the bags. I hope you can enjoy it and choose according to your needs.

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